Coaching & Mindset Work

I am so grateful that I get the honor and privilege of working side by side with you to create transformation in your life and business!


Congratulations, you made it!

Did you accomplish everything you thought you would in 2020? Maybe you feel like there’s still something tugging at you… an opportunity, a goal, or even a regret.


Regardless of whether you crushed the year or you have a few incomplete left, I want you to take a moment and pause.

Take a deep breath in through your nose. And slowly exhale out through your mouth.

Now imagine this...

You’ve created positive change in your own life and career, your reputation has soared, and others are drawn to your magnetic energy and personality. 

You finally feel as though you’ve made the impact in others’ lives you always knew you would.

You’re at peak performance, more productive than ever, and your new “can-do” attitude in every area of your career and your relationships is infectious.

You’re finally living your dream.

And it feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ... 


Because ever since you Improved your Money and Abundance Mindset  you wake up each day knowing you have the full capability to empower yourself, your family, your friends, you private clients, employees, organization members, and your audiences, to achieve their dreams.

And it’s all possible because you’ve learned how to master your subconscious mind with the Rapid Transformation Program and or the Wealth Acceleration Program.

You know how to confidently reach your ultimate success, where you are free from all your limiting beliefs and have gained. 

  1. Confidence, 

  2. Determination,

  3. Courage to create the success you deserve 

… All while getting the recognition, love, respect, and success you deserve.


A standing ovation to you...


Because you followed your heart and took action toward your goal—and now, you’re proud to say you are living a life of purpose, fully aligned with what you were put on this earth to do.


Are you ready to make this visualization a part of your daily life in 2021?



This picture of “the future you” is not far out of reach. 
Actually, ANY picture of a “future you” is perfectly within reach.

You already have it in you to become powerful ..…

And now you can make it happen by taking action towards a program that switches your limiting beliefs and uplifts your vibration to help you conquer your authentic truth and self.

Please note that there is only space for 20 students for a limited time.

I encourage you to act NOW and claim your future.

You deserve success, freedom form trauma, stuck energy, limiting beliefs so I’m holding this space for you. But only until midnight  March 30th.

I can’t wait to continue supporting you through all the breakthroughs, transformations, growth, and success you and your business will experience in this coming year. 


With love,


Natalie K:

'I came to Mahreen with a whole lot of issues lol and a burning question! “What is my life purpose?” and “What am I supposed to do to make this life worth while?”

I wanted to do something in my career that I loved!I have always been a little bit different, or at least I felt different than everybody because I never wanted a job. Maybe everyone feels that way and then settles but I didn’t think any career would make me happy!

The prospect of finding a lifelong career that I loved made me feel super hopeless and marrying rich sounded terribly restricting lol I really wanted to just exist, live lavishly, and not worry about money!! ThetaHealing accomplished that for me… but not in the way that I thought!

Let me add that I do have a job, I’m an entrepreneur, but I was sort of thrown into this path because I wanted to be my own boss and be free.

This sounds dramatic but after the first session I had with Mahreen doing ThetaHealing, I woke up with a brand new will to live again! Most days I would sleep in super late and think about all the things that I had to do and how I didn’t want to do it. Or how I really didn’t have anything important to do and no real motivation to seize the day! I love life, don't get me wrong but I really enjoy the relaxing part of it. Nothing about entrepreneurship is relaxing, I sort of dreaded it lol But that next day was different, I woke up motivated and early!

When I joined the Wealth Consciousness Accelerating Program, I thought by the time I was done, it would just hit me… my life purpose. Maybe through a career change or more confidence in my business!

What I ended up with was an entirely different mindset about the limiting beliefs I had and contentment in knowing my purpose.

See, when you go through the program you test 100 different beliefs about abundance - half of the beliefs I’ve never even heard or associated those beliefs with wealth.

For example: I had the belief that I needed to be hidden. I was always scared to self promote my business. I didn’t have much experience as an entrepreneur and if I self promoted I’d be caught for being new at it!

This belief I had to be hidden wasn't entirely mine - it was stored on a deeper level! The concept behind Theta Healing is that there are 4 levels to your beliefs. And while you might clear a certain belief through say meditation, hypnosis, or reiki until it is cleared through all levels often times it just manifests in a new way!

Mahreen, helped me find the root - she cleared it from my mom having to hide me during her pregnancy, and hide me while giving me up for adoption! I was adopted from China during the era of the one child policy - so if I wasn’t hidden it’d be bad news for both of us!

I also believed on a level, that people would always abandon me and that I only have myself. Maybe that was why I was so set on career, relationships, and everything else in life to lead to more freedom for me and less dependency on anyone!! We all need people, family and friends so really it wasn’t doing me any good holding on to the belief that all I have in this world is myself!

I believed that to be closer to God I had to be poor? No idea where I learned that - I'm not religious and am not against making money lol I believed that people only get rich when they are doing unethical things, I believed that you have to go through hardship to be successful. And so many other negative money beliefs. No wonder my business was always 1 client away from extinction. On a subconscious level, I didn't want the money - I associated money with evil.

In total, I think I had around 50-60 negative beliefs around money out of the 100 we worked through during the program. All these beliefs showed up in my life in not just career, but relationships and family dynamics and I could see looking back at my life how that belief I held negatively affected me.

That being said, I used to think the experiences that caused my limiting beliefs were all negative. Now I think they were all perfectly necessary in my life to teach me valuable lessons! Sometimes learning something new is just unlearning something from your past!

When I said earlier that I had accomplished existing, living lavish, and not worrying about money - it came from a mindset change. That I already am rich in experiences and that everything that has happened in my life is part of a bigger picture that is meant for me. So I no longer needed to search for my purpose as I am living it! Mahreen can guide you to your life purpose as well - it’s much simpler than you may think (;

I hope when you piece together the different puzzle pieces of your life, you're able to form the big picture and trust the good and the bad are all for a reason.

How do you know it's bad? Maybe it's just what you need!

Anyways, I’ll end this review saying thank you so much Mahreen for the Wealth COnsciousness Program and even though you don’t take any credit for it - helping to change my life and abundance. I know the work is all internal and it’s you who does the hard inner work - but I like to give Mahreen credit because she shortened a lifetime of learning into 5 sessions!!

Not that I won’t have any problems for the rest of my life, but I definitely have a new outlook on them and will live knowing I can handle what tests the universe throws my direction!