This Certification was inspired by my journey, and the struggles and challenges that I had to overcome in order for me to step into my path and allow my Divine timing to work for me and bring me the success and abundance and joy that I was manifesting.


When I first discovered I needed energy clearing I wasn’t sure where to start, which healing technique would work best and  was required by my soul; and when was my clearing actually complete. I knew my mission and purpose was to be a spiritual guide for others in need, so to let know they were not alone. But back then I knew I had to fill my glass 1st, I had to experience as many alternate modalities as I could experience , clearing myself to be at a position to make a recommendation.


Not only that, as life progressed I started doing energy work myself and got certified in multiple energy healing techniques to learn healing others myself,  as a practitioner and instructor, and realized that this is my divine timing, things weren't easy at first. I faced challenges and blocks that left me demotivated, made me doubt that this was my path and that i can succeed in it, made me lose my confidence. I also struggled a lot in having a constant flow of clients and students coming my way. I started to believe that I don't have what it takes to succeed in my mission and that I shouldn't follow my heart.


But It is only when I understood what healed and whole means, and how to really be aligned with my purpose, that everything shifted and my success started growing.


























Healed and Whole Means:

 - Understanding yourself and your life and the journey that lead you to your divine path

 - Self forgiveness, self love and getting to know your divine self

 - The ability to tap into your divine essence and use your power with love

 - Living your life with unconditional trust in the Creator of all that is.

 - Reconnecting with your Divine Intention and reach a point where the only motivation is love and joy

 - Understanding and remembering your soul promise with your soul family

 - Understanding and mastering the virtues needed for your to shine in your mission


The objectives of this Certification is to make it easier on all the seekers to feel complete, follow their path, guide them on how to work on themselves to achieve continuous success and growth and shine in their life mission, and grow your confidence as an individual and then as a healer.

IHealed & Whole in 90 Days Certification

* This one-to-one program runs online, for people all over the world


*Follow-up task after every session intended to help you in your journey to achieving your goals

* Feel an energetic shift and vibrate at a higher frequency

*My personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and support while accomplishing lasting growth.


* My sessions are affordable and I do my best to provide a 100% satisfaction on every session.

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