Favors (Wedding/Party) Mini

Favors (Wedding/Party) Mini


$25 for 6 mini favor tubes from the choices bellow.


Looking for a unique favor that keeps not only pretty but has high vibrations that actually heal.

The perfect favor for your wedding party or bridesmaids.

Can be customized with your wedding theme.

Contact directly for your custom favors.


Choice of stones

Amethyst (purple)

Citrine (yellow)

Pyrite (Gold)

Aventurine (green)

Blue Lace Agate (baby blue)

Clear Quartz (clear)

Rose Quartz (pink)

Lapis Lazuli (blue)

Carnelian (orange)

Red Tiger Eye (red)

Yelllow Jasper (yellow)

Onyx (black)

Peacock Ore (peacock colors)


Free shipping within USA over 50 pieces.